Are solar shingles more effective than solar panels?

In general, yes. Solar shingles can withstand more heat and sunlight than solar panels, due to using an amorphous silicon material which unlike glass absorbs light directly making their production more effective.

How long do solar shingles last?

With proper installation, favorable weather, and routine maintenance solar shingle systems can last greater than 20 to 30 years.

Can solar shingles handle tough weather?

Yes. The POWERHOUSE shingles are called that for a reason! They can withstand winds upwards of 200 mph and are resistant to water and hail.

What are some other benefits of solar shingles?

  • You can get a new roof WITH solar shingles in a package deal
  • They’re visually stunning and very affordable
  • They will save you money on your electric bill.
  • Battery storage solutions are available
  • They’re designed and assembled in the USA!

How do so solar shingles compare with the average cost recouped from other household improvements?

BEST VALUE!  6 kW Solar PV System (154.4%), Cost: 15,540 / Added Value: $24,000

  • Minor Kitchen Remodel (83.1%), Cost: 20,112 / Added Value: $16.716
  • Bathroom Remodel (65.7%), Cost: $17,908 / Added Value: $11,769
  • Deck Addition (64.4%), Cost: $16,978 / Added Value: $10,819

How can we track our energy production?

For added peace of mind, a monitoring service makes it easy to view both your energy production and savings